Whether you are just starting out on your Spiritual Journey, or you have been walking your path for a long time, learning skills and techniques to help you clear away unwanted energies, stay grounded, happy and calm in these turbulent and uncertain times is a very valuable skill to have in your toolbox!

If any of the following things resonate with you... This course is for you

  • With all that is going on in your life and in the world, are you finding it hard to focus on the good things in your life

  • All your life you have recognised that you are very sensitive to others feelings

  • Watching the news makes you feel overwhelmed

  • Does listening to someone else's story bring out the same emotions in you as they are expressing?

  • Does working with people both make you happy, but make you feel exhausted by the end of the day?

In this time of uncertainty, finding and maintaining balance and grounding is of utmost importance. This course was developed to help us to reconnect to that place of BLISS and Happiness that is the very heart of our being.

Once we have developed the pathways and reconnected to the energy resonance that makes up our unique "Personal Energy Signature"© we will feel more balanced and at peace. 

When we are in this place, we feel grounded and safe, it gives us the ability to access this place of calm when we are faced with fear or uncertainty.

Each lesson will help you understand and connect to a different and deeper part of your authentic self. 

You will learn how to find balance of mind, body and spirit through interactive lessons in your own personal workbook.

Embracing life is much easier when we have the tools to deal with the speedbumps along the way. It is much more enjoyable when we feel we have what we need to stand our ground and ride out the storm as it passes overhead. 

This is what this course was designed to help you to do. To provide you with the tools and the techniques to navigate change admist the chaos, to discover a sense of calm where once we struggled with fear... and embrace our path with confidence and clarity.

Are you ready?

Here is what my Spiritual Mentor had to say about this course!

Lynette Young, B.ED Author of Welcoming Wellness, Welcoming Peace, and Welcoming Guidance audio series.

WOW... Amazing. Well Done!

Lynette Young, B.ED Author of Welcoming Wellness, Welcoming Peace, and Welcoming Guidance audio series.

WOW... Amazing! Just opening the first page made me feel empowered and loved! Well done! Arlana Tanner Sibelle has created a program built on a lifetime of research and personal growth. The guidance offered is presented in a loving, unobtrusive manner. Students can proceed at their own pace, giving time to absorb the lesson, time to experience living with the new knowledge, and time to let the physical body integrate the new paradigm. Lessons are offered in a logical and practical order. Follow up/support is provided, as requested. The investment in time and money will give results that will last a lifetime!

This course is for you, if you are...

  • Feeling drained after a day of taking care of others

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and expectations of day to day life

  • Looking for practical tools and proven techniques to reclaim your personal power

  • Ready to discover and implement your unique and innate gifts

  • Wanting a holistic alternative to regain a sense of balance that you can access whenever you need it

  • Looking for a program that is easy to follow and can be done at your own pace, in bite sized pieces to fit into your busy schedule

When you complete this course, you will...

  • Understand how to use the power of the Chakras and how to bring them back into balance

  • Discover how to work with the energy of crystals, sound, color, shapes and the elements to clear and recharge your energy centres

  • Discover and identify your own intuitive "style"

  • Be able to create your own personalized wellness toolkit that you can use anytime you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed

  • Connect with others who are walking this path of discovery

  • Understand yourself at a deeper level

Another Glowing Testimonial

Teri O

Very professional!

Teri O

"Your program is well thought out and flows well with the changes I am going through. There is just the right amount of personal interaction and guidance. Thank you." Teri O

Want to take a closer look? Check out this Overview of the Course Curriculum

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Another Rave Review...

By Judy Kerr

I would highly recommend Arlana

By Judy Kerr

"Arlana is a creative genius when it comes to inventing ways to help you become a better you physically, mentally & spiritually. I attended one of her Goddess Workshops which was really an overview of a lot of the aspects of her business. It was well attended with over 100% turnout which shows how very personable Arlana is and the shows the need out there from women who want more in their life. She had us sharing in a unique and very creative atmosphere and later had us up and dancing, shaking our hips and becoming the goddesses we were meant to be. I had a fun time and highly recommend Arlana to everyone. She also does one on one sessions as well as parties. She really has your best interest at heart. I trust her."

This program contains content development that was created from 100's of hours of research and over 25 years of study and practical use.

And... I am going to include these amazing BONUS items!

  • Get the VIP Back to Bliss Masterclass Video and Workbook! $197 VALUE

    I’m going to share with you the Essential 7 Key Steps that will help you develop new routines and rituals to help you feel more peace and happiness in your life… and increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

  • I am including a BONUS section! $125 Value

    At the end of your lessons, you will find a BONUS section that includes special videos and meditations currently not available on any other format.

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group containing additional articles and videos NOT yet available on my site!

    You will get VIP access to my facebook group featuring previews of my upcoming articles and research that will take you much deeper into fully realizing and aligning with your Personal Energy Signature©

More Rave Reviews!

"You have a wonderful way of listening with your heart and hearing what is really being said. You opened my eyes and heart to a new place of being. I am sure this will change me forever." Kim K

"I love your energy, your joy and your "medicine". Your sense of humour added the right touch and your immense wisdom was never-ending. Thank you for sharing that wisdom."  Namaste, M Rogers

This program was created from hundreds of hours of research and practical experience... and should be priced in the hundreds of dollars, if not thousands...

Then add in the BONUS items = worth over another $300! For a limited time... get it all for less than the value of the BONUS items! ONLY $299!

My Story....

Why I Created This Program

I am an Empath, Speaker and Coach... I am also, what some might call, “highly sensitive”. I can feel what others feel and growing up I would often get confused when actions didn’t mirror the words spoken. I have had several spiritual or otherwise hard to explain experiences, from connecting with people who have passed, to understanding the needs of an animal in pain. 

While I have always felt a strong connection with Spirit and animals, my gifts were not always so obvious to me. Growing up, there were many days where my only "purpose" was to safely get through another day.

Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to my intuition and to monitor the energy around me. These experiences have given me a lot of skills that I found helpful to work through change and difficult situations. I have put together a toolbox of skills I can use to keep me grounded and calm, when I would otherwise be feeling totally stressed and overwhelmed... but I have not always been this confident in my abilities, nor did I understand how my life was a reflection of how out of balance I was within myself. 

I grew up living an abundant, yet abusive and highly volatile childhood. As a young woman, I was confused, scared and angry. After years of searching and hoping to find some sense of balance and discovery of my own true self, the Universe brought me in to connection with a Spiritual Life Mentor, who drug me, very willingly mind you, to many events and workshops that opened my eyes to the wonders of energy work and spiritual awakening. Finally, all the years of confusion started to make sense. 

Slowly, through study of many different holistic modalities and several hours of deep personal and spiritual study,  I started to understand more and more about releasing the past and how we can learn to connect at a deeper level to feel more grounded and in balance... instead of feeling disconnected, alone and overwhelmed. 

It became my passion to learn how to empower others to find their own truth and balance, to share this knowledge and to help create a sense of community where resources and support are readily available.

My passion has always been to uplift and empower. To encourage all to discover their true gifts that are deep within.  To never forget, to never loose sight of the tremendous inner power and guidance that we have when we are connected to the Divine guidance inside of each of us.


My promise to you...

I am here for you. Please reach out to me if I can help you in any way. To show my commitment and confidence in the value of this program, I am willing to let you try it out for 30 days. If you finish the course and don't feel that you got full value for your money... I will refund you the full purchase price.


This is to clarify that I, Arlana Tanner, am not a medical doctor or counsellor. This information is provided as a tool and not meant to replace or exclude medical treatment.